Dedex is specializing in design and development services of franchise, concept, businesses and start-up. We invest in originality of both existing and new businesses as well as business ideas still in the process of being conceived. Whether you are a business owner wanting to expand, a Franchise wanting to develop a new Business Concept, or an existing business that wants to set a new direction, we are missioned to help you find, develop and grow by building a sustainable value for your brand that will contribute to your strategic development.


  • We design and develop an existing business with franchise potential.
  • We develop an existing franchise.
  • We create from scratch by designing and developing a Concept.
  • We transform your idea into a new concept through design and development.
  • We redesign and develop existing businesses that want to uncover their business potential.

Our work expands to include solutions tailored to your business needs.


We design and develop existing businesses that aim to expand through franchising as well as further develop existing franchises.


We design and develop creative Concept according to Franchise standards. Our work gives to the term “Concept” a new meaning and dimension, from idea to implementation.


We redesign and develop existing businesses aiming at their advancement.