Social Media Marketing: An exciting tool, but not a magic bullet!

In the era where technology and internet prevail so much, Social Media is turning out to be indispensible for organizations’ marketing departments. Despite the fact that Social Networks such as Facebook and YouTube had not begun as marketing tools back in the more “innocent” years, in today’s interconnected world they have become an excellent branding tool and an effective form of targeted online advertising.

Social Networks have actually become a culture and a way of expression. More importantly they have given people a voice over everything; including products and brands! It’s therefore more than essential for companies to incorporate them in their Communication strategies but for them also to be a bit cautious on what they expect out of them. It’s another powerful way to communicate and engage… but you company will not be rewarded just for showing up!

Just implementing an effective social media strategy alone will not magically increase your sales. Don’t be impressed by quantity metrics that large social investments will bring. Quantity metrics are nothing more than just numbers. Quality leads will take a longer time to come, and will need a lot of work and persistence from your marketing department. Social Media is about getting to know your audience and in order to do this, it will take time and resources. Once you planted the seeds of a good relationship, cultivate them and help them grow, then you can expect a return on your investment.

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